A new version of the CERN-CA-certs package is available in the QA environment.
The new package removes the older certificates of the CERN Certification Authority. Please make sure to test your services and software with the new package.
Full details are available on the SSB entry: OTG0077330.

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Using the Management Console to view Windows certificate stores.

  • From the start menu, type mmc, and execute the program mmc.exe
  • From the console menu, select File -> Add/remove snap-in

  • From the Add/remove snap-in dialog, select Certificates

  • From the Certificates snap-in dialog, select:
    • My user account to manage your user certificates
    • Service account to manage certificates for a service account on the machine
    • Computer account to manage the certificates of the local machine

  • You can now see the certificates in the Windows certificate store:

Created: 3/10/2020
Last reviewed: 5/2/2022
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