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Trust CERN Root Certificate with Mozilla

On Mozilla, the CERN Root certificate is not trusted by default, so CERN Certificates will not be verified correctly and cannot be used to authenticate.


The CERN Grid Certification Authority certificates are distributed through the CERN Grid Certification Authority Files and Documents site.

Verify CERN root CA certificate installation

Please note that Firefox doesn't give any confirmation message of the Root CA Certificate installation.

To verify that the installation was completed successfully, you should check the Certificate Manager:

  • From the main menu, select Tools -> Options
  • In the Options dialog, select Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates:
  • In the Certificate Manager dialog, select the Authorities tab and verify that the CERN Trusted CA and CERN Root CA certificates are present:

Created: 3/10/2020
Last reviewed: 5/2/2022
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